SteelSeries Issues World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse

It's been a while since we've seen SteelSeries make a major splash in the gaming mice space, but there's no better time to re-enter that fray than at E3. The accessories company has just launched a rechargeable, wireless MMO mouse that looks up to World of Warcraft, and features a docking station, wired option and in-game setup to bind all 11 buttons while also storing unlimited game profiles. The SteelSeries Engine software guides players through an easy, in-game integration set-up with drag and drop functionality of World of Warcraft commands, full button remapping, macro creation and the ability to save an unlimited number of game profiles.

Dark stone-gray in color, the mouse sports a translucent, subtly illuminated World of Warcraft world map background and the swirling Maelstrom design behind the rune ring and World of Warcraft logo. Its silver, matte finish on each of the 11 buttons is made with a rubberized, soft-touch coating that is hand/sweat resistant on the sides of the mouse. You'll also get oversized top buttons, a smooth ticking scroll wheel, and support for both Mac and Windows platforms.

Technical specifications include:
• Frames Per Second: 12,000
• Counts Per Inch: 8,200
• Lift distance: 2mm – 5mm
• Battery type: Lithium Ion
• Wireless battery life: 16 hours
• Charge time: estimated 1 hour from low to full charge
• Compatible with all current MMO titles
• 6.5ft cable with mini-USB and USB T

he World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse will be available in Q3 2012 on the SteelSeries Web Shop and in select retail locations for $129.99 / €129.99.