SteelSeries Intros Xai And Kinzu Gaming Mice

Without a doubt, the gaming mouse sector is getting pretty stuffed. With outfits like GIGABYTE and Razer producing some pretty nimble critters catering to the needs of hardcore snipers the world over, it's tough to make a mouse that can stand out. SteelSeries is a lesser known company in the mouse arena, but it's definitely not new company.

The outfit has just introduced its newest duo of mice: the SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse and SteelSeries Kinzu Optical Mouse. The former promises 12000 frames per second at movement speeds of up to 150 inches per second, and it's fully configurable via an LCD menu system on the device's rear. The ambidextrous mouse also packs a 10.8MP sensor and allows for advanced macros through eight programmable buttons.

SteelSeries Xai Laser highlights:

- Ambidextrous shape

- Pro-play performance with accurate tracking and extreme precision

- Best-in-class technology: 100-5001 CPI, 12,000 FPS & 150 IPS

- High definition sensor sporting 10,8 MegaPixels Per Second

- Advanced on mouse menu system on built-in LCD display

- Use the same settings as pro gamers with gamer profiles

- Advanced macros through 8 programmable buttons, with the option of 10 total programmed macros 

The lower-end Kinzu Optical also works with left and right-handed gamers, and it supports 3200 counts per inch and 9375 frames per second. There's also an acceleration on/off toggle button, though there's no built-in LCD. As for prices, you'll find this one for $34.99 and the Xai for $80 when they ship next month.

SteelSeries Kinzu Optical highlights:

- Ambidextrous lightweight ergonomic finger-tip / palm design

- Slip-resistant coating for superior mouse grip and control

- Gaming Grade optimizations for pro gaming CPI values

- CPI toggle for on-the-fly high & low sensitivity adjustments

- Customizable report rate between 125hz-1000hz / 1 ms response time.

- 3200 Counts Per Inch

- 9375 Frames Per Second

- Acceleration on/off toggle via software

- 50 Inches Per Second and 20G of acceleration

- Low-friction high-performance polyethylene feet