Steam Summer Sale Has Begun, Massive Savings Await

Ah, the delightful double-edged sword known as Steam's Summer Sale is upon us, and it will cut through virtual wallets with big-time savings from now until it ends on June 30. You should know the drill by now -- you stock up on games you'll probably never find time to play, but you purchase them anyway because some of the deals are too good to refuse. It's a remarkable thing -- even though we know what's going on, we willing continue to participate. Well played, Valve.

The alternative is to ignore the sale, and that's easier said then done. For example, if you missed out on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, now is your chance to snag it for a mere $3.99, which is 80 percent off its normal selling price of $19.99. Or XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $7.49, marked down 75 percent from its normal selling price of $29.99.

Steam Summer Sale

On top of all the Daily Deals that might tempt you to stock up on games, there's a row of Flash Sales that gets updated every 8 hours. Right now it's filled with Euro Truck Simulator 2 ($3.74, down from $24.99), Agarest Generations of War ($4.49, down from $14.99), Super Meatboy ($3.44, down from $14.99), and Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 ($4.99, down from $19.99).

Not of all the deals pertain to games. DisplayFusion, a multi-monitor tool, is marked down 69 percent to $9.29, while Cinematic FX and Cinematic FX Vol. 2 are both half off ($17.49 each). These aren't necessarily part of the Summer Sale, but if you dig around, there are gems to uncover.

Check it out and less us know what, if anything, you end up buying!