Steam Shipping to Mac Platform in May

Short and to the point, Valve this week announced it would be porting its Steam platform over to the Mac next month. And when we say short and to the point, we really mean it. All the developer had to say was "Valve today announced the public release of Steam for the Mac is May 12. Please stayed tuned for more information."

No "Hi, how ya doing" or "Hey, we're going to include some exciting features, let us tell you all about them." No screenshots or teaser videos either, but that's okay because those have already been leaked to the Web (see here). So in less than two weeks, our Mac-powered brethren will enjoy the same digital distribution scheme that us PC (as in, Windows-based) folk have been enjoying since 2003.

If you managed to sign up for the Mac beta beforehand, rumor has it you'll gain access to the official build sometime before May 12, though this hasn't been confirmed by Valve in any official capacity.

Any Mac users looking forward to this?