Steam Library Update And Remote Play Together Now Available For All

steam library update
Valve has announced that starting today, the features of the new Steam Library that were previously offered only to beta users are now available to all. The company is also saying thanks to those who tried the new library during the beta, and it notes that Steam will continue to ship improvements and new features based on feedback and requests it received in the beta. The roll-out of the new Steam Library also brings the Remote Play Together Beta to all Steam users.

For those who missed the beta, the Steam Library Update brings with it some substantial changes. One of the most significant changes is a new way for players to look at their library of games. A new landing page for the library is designed for quick access to game updates, recently played games, friends' activity, and collections. The update aims to make it easier to stay on top of changes happening to games in the library and what friend is playing what.

steam library

The new library aims to make it easy to see if a game has been updated and to keep track of what new events feature, what the update is, and why gamers might want to try the game after an update. It's easier to see what friends have been doing and which games they are currently playing. That information is offered on the library home page.

With an extensive library of games, it's easy for players to miss out on updates or limited-time events that players never knew existed. The update aims for a balance between an in-library event feature that lets you know what's going on and not bombarding users with notifications. Devs also get access to new event creation tools starting today that feeds directly to the library. Devs can share a live-stream or community challenge, among other things. The Remote Play together beta lets you invite friends to play a game with you, and only you need to own the game. The Steam Library update beta first kicked off back in September.

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