Valve Steam Controller Gains Bluetooth LE Support For Expanded Mobile Device Connectivity

Valve has enabled support for Bluetooth on the Steam Controller via a Steam Client Beta update. The update brings support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and Valve points out that the BLE feature is required to use the Steam Link mobile PC game streaming app that will be launching soon. Gamers can change between wireless modes when the update is applied, and Valve gives some tips on when you will want to use BLE.

steam bt controller

When streaming games to iOS or Android devices via the Steam Link app, you must use BLE connectivity. You can also use BLE when connecting the Steam Controller to a tablet or laptop that lacks a USB port of course as well. BLE will also work if you have misplaced your Steam Controller Wireless Receiver.

In other situations, Valve recommends that you use the controller's original wireless connectivity because it is the fastest connection with the lowest latency. The original connectivity solution also supports up to four controllers per receiver and works with all major operating systems. BLE connectivity is "Excellent" says Valve, but the original wireless protocol is the best experience for a Steam Controller.

If you want to try out the Steam Client Beta, you can opt into it here. Then click "Update firmware now" to start the process. Valve does have instructions for those needing a bit of hand-holding. Once the firmware update is finished, you will have to reconnect your Wireless Receiver as all pairings will be cleared. To switch between the wireless modes, you power up while holding down "A" for the original wireless mode. To enter BLE mode you power up while holding down "B". The controller remembers the last mode used and will start in that mode until you change modes again.