Valve Releases Steam Client Update That Lets You Move Game Install Folders Wherever You Like

Valve releases more updates to Steam than we care to count, but the latest one, which dropped over the weekend, is going to make a lot of people very happy. With this update, players can finally move their games from one location to another, pain-free.

Power users have been able to move their games via manual methods for some time, but realistically, those methods are not "simple". An official solution like this (which can be seen below) is preferable, and in our quick test, it worked flawlessly.

Steam Move Game

To move a game, you simply need to right-click its title card and go to Properties, and then Local Files. An option to move data will be seen at the bottom. It's important to note that to take advantage of this feature, you need to setup alternate download locations first, in the Downloads section of Steam's settings:

Set Download Folder Steam

Beyond the ability to move game installs, this latest update includes a slew of other enhancements and bug fixes, which includes an update to the Web control to the latest version of Chromium, email and password wizards moved to a Web-based interface, and a big one for those experimenting with Vulkan: a fix to incorrect colors in screenshots captured on AMD GPUs.

If you've run Steam at any point this past weekend, chances are you already have the update installed. If not, simply relaunch the client, and the update mechanism should kick in automatically. To peruse a big list of minor changes, you can hit up the source URL below.

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