Steam Autumn Sale Kicks Off With PC Game Discounts Of Up To 88 Percent Off

autumn sale hero
As another season rolls around, so too does another Steam sale with deep discounts on games. If you do pick up some games, you can stock up on Steam points to decorate your profile for the season. However, let’s look at what Steam has to offer first, as there should be plenty of games for everyone.


far cry 5
If you are looking to blast some bad guys or get into some mil-sim action, these are some of the top deals to get you going over the Tukey-day weekend and beyond.


f1 2020
Perhaps you just want to sit back and race a car, drive a truck, or build a PC. We get it, playing simulator games can be peaceful and fun at the same time. Therefore, we grabbed some of the best simulator games and deals when you get tired of your other genres.

Family Games

jackbox pp7
If you are tired of playing games alone, why not get the whole family involved? You can pick up some discounted family games that either lets the everyone join in or just watch and trade controllers when someone loses a game.


hl alyx
If you are looking to get away from it all, VR games are a nice escape if you have a headset. Half-Life: Alyx in particular gained a lot of praise when it was released for its innovative gameplay and expansion of the storied Half-Life franchise.
If you end up buying any games on Steam right now, you will receive points that can be saved and used to grab seasonal decorations for your Steam profile.  Also, if none of the games we shared strike your fancy, you can also check out the thousands of other games on sale with discounts of up to 88 percent through December 1st at 10am PST. If you happen to find another great deal or a game you really like, share it in the comments below for others to find, and happy gaming!