State of 3D Article, Shuttle SN95G5 and Much More

Welcome everyone, NJ here with another edition of the HH Nightcap.  On tap tonight we have a varied selection of juice which should satisfy the rumbling in your news-hungry bellies.  So, pull up a chair, toss on some music and enjoy the news.  Here is your evening update...

 The State of 3D Article @ PenStar Systems

"NVIDIA took a different approach than ATI did in overall pipeline design, as it chose a narrow but long functional unit.  The NV35 had 4 true pixel pipelines, each with two texturing units attached.  These 4 pixel pipelines were very complex, and were able to put out a decent amount of work each clock cycle.  Due to the programmability of the NV35 pixel pipeline, it could do some very complex operations to each pixel, but it again was hampered by its lack of speed and register space.  For professional use this card could do full FP32 precision rendering with nearly unlimited instructions that could be applied to each pixel.  For enthusiasts using the NV35 architecture for gaming were left somewhat disappointed by the results."

 Shuttle SN95G5 Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware

"Here we can see the latest rendition of Shuttle's ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine) cooling solution for the SN95G5. From the picture you can see that the base of the ICE cooling system is made of copper with heatpipes connecting to the aluminum exhaust portion of the cooling unit. Installation of the ICE cooling unit was very easy, with it being just like any other Shuttle SFF system. You attack the heatsink, fasten it tight with the included fastener, and just install the 80mm exhaust fan."

 PrimoFlex Tubing Review @

"PrimoFlex and is a silicon-base tubing which means it has all the same qualities, but is much softer and therefore more flexible. In addition, PrimoFlex tubing is available in 3 UV reactive colors. Clear, which glows a slight purple in UV light, green, and blue. The green and blue are opaque so that they retain their color under regular light, which means no more need for dyes."

 PowerColor X700 Pro Review @ Neoseeker

"We got a very good overclock out of our PowerColor X700 Pro. On the core we got a hefty 74 Mhz boost from the default 425 to 499 catapulting it past the stock speed of the X700 XT (475). The memory side was even more impressive with the stock memory speed coming in at 864 Mhz. We noted that the memory was rated at 2.0nz (1000 Mhz) so hitting 1000 should not have been a problem and it was not. In fact we were able to push the memory clock all the way up to 1100 Mhz."

 Danger Den Maze4 GPU Waterblock review @ OCModShop

"Yet again Danger Den delivered another great quality product, which really did the job that it is supposed to do, keeping things cool. Although I think the bolts are a bit on the long side a Dremel should take care of that. You won't end up losing a PCI slot with this product if you leave the screws alone, however its gets pretty close. Other than that there's nothing left for me to say except that I am giving this block a 9/10 and awarding it the OCModShop Seal of Approval."

 AC Ryan Flexsleeve Kit @ Phoronix

"Tired of those ugly non-sleeved cables with their boring ho-hum appearance? Spice them up with an AC Ryan's Flexsleeve kit. Each kit contains enough heatshrink, sleeve, and zip ties to cover an entire system."

 Ahanix D5 Media Center Enclosure @ Viper Lair

"Ahanix has delivered an enclosure that gives you everything you would desire in an HTPC. The versatility of using MicroATX or Standard ATX motherboards, the look and feel of high end audio/video equipment and a VFD information center that gives the added information of what is playing. It comes at a hefty price tag mind you, but in this particular situation, you get what you pay for."

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