Starbucks To Offer Free Wi-Fi To All Users Starting July 1

Regardless of what you think of the company as a whole, Starbucks is a worldwide icon. It's on most every street corner in most every major city, and it's always a solid place to go when you're looking for free Wi-Fi. Well, sorta. Starbucks has offered free Internet to Starbucks card holder as well as iPhone users and those with an AT&T Internet/U-verse account, but everyone else has had to login via other means or simply watch as everyone around them enjoys free wireless.

Starting on July 1st, Starbucks will open up their Wi-Fi hotspots to every patron, regardless of whether they're affiliated with AT&T or not. The Wi-Fi will still be provided by AT&T, but all 6,700 U.S. corporate locations will be providing fee-free Wi-Fi to each customer. This is more than a one-day deal; this is for good. The move is being made in an attempt to "bring more customers in the door," as a great many coffee shops (outside of Starbucks) already offer gratis Internet as a perk for stopping in.

McDonald's has recently implemented a similar solution, and we could definitely see more and more eateries following suit with Starbucks onboard. This is just another step towards a worldwide Internet, and we couldn't be happier to see it. Now, if only Starbucks' international locations were included in the plan...