Star Fox 2 Immediately Ripped From Nintendo's Just Launched SNES Classic And Already For Sale Online

There are certainly lots of retro gamers out there who are interested in the SNES Classic Edition that launched this week. We've already outlined everywhere you can get an SNES Classic Edition, but they are almost certainly not in stock any where right about now. One of the greatest features of the little retro console is that it packs in 21 of the coolest retro games you can get your mitts on and one of those is a game that fans wanted for years, but never Nintendo launched - Star Fox 2.

star fox 2

Star Fox 2 was developed to a complete game and then never launched. However, Nintendo saw fit to put the game into the SNES Classic Edition and we'd bet there are more than a few hopeful Star Fox fans out there from back in the day, who purchased the console just to get that sequel that never landed growing up.

Unfortunately, the SNES Classic Edition just landed on Friday, and here it is Sunday and already hackers have ripped Star Fox 2 from the console and are selling the ROM online burned onto an original SNES cartridge. That means that these bootleg copies will play on an original Super Nintendo from back in the day.

Word is that the bootleg cartridges are going for about $60. You can bet these bootleg copies of the game will be met with all the legal force that Nintendo can muster. The SNES Classic Edition sells for $79.99, so getting hands on Star Fox 2 and other retro games legally isn't much more expensive than a bootleg copy, assuming you can find one of the consoles.

It's been months since the first rumors of the SNES Classic started surfacing all the way back in April. SNES Classic Edition reviews have been very good, heaping praise on the console and its games. Nintendo had promised all along that it would be making enough consoles to meet demand, but indications are as of now that Nintendo is unable to keep pace and there are indeed widespread shortages of the new retro SNES Classic console.

Image via Wikipedia Commons