Star Citizen Squadron 42 Beta Single-Player Campaign Blasts Off In 2020

Star Citizen has been in development for several years now and it is still far from finished. However, gamers that bought into the upcoming interstellar game may soon have some new content to explore while they wait. A single-player campaign set in the Star Citizen universe known as Squadron 42 is set to be released in 2020.

Star Citizen Squadron 42

If you are unfamiliar with Star Citizen, it is an enormous MMO currently in development by Cloud Imperium Games. Work started on the game in 2011 with an initial release date set for 2014, but to-date the game has still not come to fruition. Parts of the game in the alpha stage of development have been released piecemeal over the years, but the game still remains far from completion.

The Squadron 42 campaign was conceived of during development as a way for the game developers to introduce a bit of narrative and show off the finished games feature set in a controlled environment. This gives the numerous players that have been awaiting the release of Star Citizen something to be excited about. It's not just a glimpse at what the finished game will look like, but it also will give players something to play while they bide their time waiting for the multiplayer Star Citizen to be completed.

Looking at the game's roadmap, Squadron 42 still requires a considerable amount of work to be completed before the game will be ready for launch, but the company is currently targeting to have the alpha version of the game ready by Q1 2020. Assuming that everything goes according to plan, the game will then enter the beta testing stage in Q2 2020 before being released to the general public sometime thereafter. An exact release date has yet to be set though, and Star Citizen has been notable for several delays during its development. So it is likely that the release of Squadron 42 will also be delayed until a later date.