Staples Soon To Carry Apple Products

Apple rumors are to be taken with their own kind of salt, but the smoke that's leading to fire here certainly seems plausible. In recent years, Apple has started to offer its products in more places than just online or in one of the few Apple Stores scattered about the globe. Everything from iPod products to MacBook products are now found everywhere from Best Buy to Target, and even Walmart. And as those products become ever more acceptable in the business world, business-centric retailers are now looking to start stocking some hotter gear.

Staples hasn't been the most popular retail brand in recent years, suffering the same as every other brick-and-mortar outlet as competition heats up online. Recent rumors suggest that Staples may be next on the list to stock Apple gear, and it could prove to be a boon to the company as it attempts to revitalize its image and cater to a wider audience. A number of confirmed Staples employees have tweeted out various tidbits that seemingly confirm that Apple products are en route to Staples. Neither company has officially confirmed the news, but it's unclear why employees would suddenly tweet out such matters were they not in the works.

Canadian Staples locations were first on deck to stock Apple gear, and it seems that the trial there has worked out well enough to extend things a bit further south. It's probably going to enhance business for both companies. Apple will see its products in the faces of small business that may otherwise use PCs, and Staples will bring in customers that would've otherwise shopped for Apple gear elsewhere. Hopefully, we'll hear more in official fashion soon.