Stanley Cups Are Great But Check Out These Deals On Worthy Tumbler Alternatives

stanley cup craze alternative tumbler cup deals
Stanley cups have been all the rage lately, drumming up what some would call mass hysteria surrounding one of the most mundane products. However, between a combination of scarcity marketing, solid partnerships like those with Starbucks, and the product to back it up, Stanley is now trying to cope with the demand as customers rush to the stores. If you are not one for the craze but still want a cool and reliable cup, Stanley is one of many producers, and you could easily snag some alternatives off Amazon.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t start the Stanley list without highlighting the product that has started the chaos: the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState 40oz Tumbler for $45. It comes in 31 different colors or styles, including bare metal stainless steel, which the supposedly near-indestructible cup is made of. It also features Stanley’s advanced FlowState lid, allowing you to use the included straw or the normal drink opening.

stanley family stanley cup craze alternative tumbler cup deals

According to the listing, the Stanley Quencher will keep your drinks cold for 11 hours, iced for two days, and hot for seven hours, which is impressive all around. Finally, the whole thing is also dishwasher safe so you can just pop it in the magic dish cleaning box and have your beverage device good as new. We'd also be remiss not to point out the viral TikTok video of a Stanley tumbler not only surviving a car fire, but keeping the ice cubes inside intact. That video has 9.1 million views and is a big reason why it's all the rage right now.

flask stanley cup craze alternative tumbler cup deals

While Stanley is popular, HydroFlask has had quite some time in the spotlight as well over the years, and it has a product you might not want to miss with the Hydro Flask All Around Travel Tumbler for $39.95 or 11% off the regular price. This comes in nine different colors to mask the stainless-steel construction, and while specs on keeping things to temperature are not listed, we could expect this to do pretty well at that. Further, this too is dishwasher safe, meaning cleaning is a breeze.

yeti stanley cup craze alternative tumbler cup deals

Closing out the brand highlights is the YETI Rambler 30oz at $38 or 15% off the regular price. The YETI comes in 17 different colors, also hiding stainless-steel construction. In the end, all the brands are dishwasher safe and, interestingly, have their own proprietary lid technology. We digress, but it is safe to say that YETI is a known brand, and you’ll get good results from your cold or hot drinks with this tumbler.

Besides those few basic options, there are a plethora of other lesser-known tumbler brands or other makes and models from these guys that we have listed below. Whatever you end up going with, just be happy knowing that you are upping your water intake during the day, which is something we all could be doing.