Square Extends Offers, Hopes To Bring Buyers And Sellers Together

Coughing up money ain't what it used to be. Square, the mobile payment upstart that has revolutionized the way small business owners with iPads and iPhones accept payments, has just announced a new feature that should bring merchants and customers even closer. It's interesting how Square has seemingly added a pinch of emotion to a typically emotionless transaction, but it's indicative of the times we live in, and the technology available to us. The news here is a couple of new features for Square Register and Pay with Square, which intend to "deepen the relationship between buyers and sellers." Square allows business owners to create rewards programs that both attract new customers and make existing customers return, and that's what is being expanded.

With more than two million individuals and businesses able to accept credit card payments with Square across the United States, Square is focused on providing the tools people need to grow and manage businesses. Updates to Square Register and Pay with Square include: Pay with Square users collect merchant cards from their favorite places and track rewards from purchases on an in-app punch card; Tools to attract new customers and reward regulars, including first visit specials and customizable punch cards; In-app reporting that provides quick access to sales trends in real time and easy reporting, including x and z reports; Intuitive inventory library to easily create categories of items for easy access and sorting; and Customizable percentage and dollar discounts for any item or sale.

These days, Square is available for both iOS and Android. Have you tried it in your business? Seen any positive or negative movements? Let us know in comments.