Square Enix Boss Reveals Plan To Aggressively Use AI In Game Development And Publishing

square enix ai hero
Square Enix President Takashi Kiryu released a New Year’s letter emphasizing the company’s plans to make AI a core part of the business, saying that “we intend to be aggressive in applying AI and other cutting-edge technologies to both our content development and our publishing functions.”

Kiryu points to the rapid improvement of AI technology as the reason for this move, stating that “I believe that generative AI has the potential not only to reshape what we create, but also to fundamentally change the processes by which we create, including programming.”

The company has both short term and long term goals that it’s aiming for with the use of AI. In the short term it wants to use generative AI to make its development teams more efficient and its marketing efforts more sophisticated. In the long term Square Enix hopes to be able to create new kinds of content, however, the company didn’t elaborate further than stating “we believe that technological innovation represents business opportunities.”

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Square Enix is often trying to jump into what it sees as new technologies that might enhance the company’s gaming business as a way of keeping the company relevant. It previously made its intentions known regarding business opportunities in both NFTs and blockchain gaming. However, the company has not managed to do anything meaningful with either of these technologies.

For now, it appears to be a statement designed to make the company continue to look like it has its finger on the pulse of available technologies that make sense for their core gaming business. Hopefully this isn’t the start of another round of layoffs for an already hard hit game developer community.