Sprint Targets AT&T, iPhone In New Ad

On Sprint’s Facebook page, we find a new ad that is directed at 1st generation iPhone users. The ad brings to light the fact that the new Palm Pre can run multiple applications at the same time and can save users up to $1,200 over two years compared to the iPhone.

The ad also suggests that since many 1st generation iPhone users are just getting out of their contracts, now is the perfect time to make the switch to Sprint and the Palm Pre. Sprint’s new and upcoming 4G network, the first of its kind from a national carrier, is also used as a compelling feature to try to convince users to make the switch.

As Sprint explains below the ad, “You can have a mighty fancy phone, but it’s only as good as the network it uses and the calling plans available to consumers. Look past the iHype and we think you’ll see a new Sprint with a strong network, appealing new phones and value-priced calling plans. We’ll keep striving to get even better, but we sure hope folks – especially those with contracts elsewhere expiring soon – will give Sprint a look.”

Sprint has made the first move, now let’s see how Apple and AT&T react.

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