Sprint Seeks Partnership with Dish Network

In an increasingly competitive wireless landscape, Sprint is reportedly trying to sweet talk satellite provider Dish Network into working together on providing mobile phone service over the carrier's network. The discussion has been going on for several months, though it's unclear if the two sides are close to an agreement or not.

According to Bloomberg, Sprint wants access to Dish's mobile airwaves, which aren't even being used at the moment. The two companies would then share revenue from customers who sign up for Dish's wireless service. Alternately, Dish could pay Sprint a fee to use the network.

Dish Network
Image Source: Flickr (Dave Lindblom)

This is a possible win-win situation. The benefit for Dish is that it could enter the mobile phone market without having to build its own network. Almost instantaneously, it would be able to offer its 14 million subscribers wireless service. It's already known that Dish is interested in mobile phone service, as it attempted to acquire MetroPCS in August for $4 billion (MetroPCS didn't bite).

The deal would also help No. 3 carrier Sprint compete with top dogs Verizon and AT&T.