Sprint Says 3G/4G Enterprise Solution Is Alternative To T-1

Why use one of those old T-1 lines, when you could get similar speeds without wires? Wait, what? Sprint has talked up their 4G / WiMAX network for some time now, and while it has mostly been aimed at consumers, there's obvious interest coming from businesses as well. This week, Sprint launched what it's calling the first solution that offers bundled 4G and 3G wireless WAN connectivity, with secure and reliable access to Sprint Global MPLS.

In a nutshell, it's 4G enterprise WAN, and Sprint's making bold statements about it. Things like this: "Not only can wireless connectivity open a world of possibilities by allowing people to work virtually anywhere, now Sprint 4G can enable businesses to replace or improve on traditional "wired" options with a solution that is cost-effective, fast and flexible to deploy without compromising bandwidth and network reliability, available within all Sprint 4G markets." Whoa, really?

The solution relies on professionally installed business-class outdoor modems, and it provides 3G and 4G access as primary and secondary network connectivity, backed by a 99.95 percent availability service level agreement (SLA). The carrier claims that it can be deployed in just 15 business days, and that it's an actual "alternative to the traditional T-1, or a whole new way to bring data connectivity to remote locations where the installation of traditional dedicated circuits is problematic."

Is enterprise the next growth region for 4G? Well, we'd like to see it blanket a few more cities before finding out.