Sprint Puts a Price on Friendship

Sprint has been facing hard times of late, and is looking for the Palm Pre to boost their sales. What to do until then, hmmm? Well, they've initiated a referral program, whereby you can try to sucker, er, get your friends to sign up for Sprint before the Palm Pre launches.

The program only lasts until 3/31. Strangely, the fine print says: "Accounts are limited to 12 referrals per year." You mean in the rest of the month? Perhaps they are looking to continue the program after this month if things go well.

Referrers will get a $100 Visa debit card. Referrals will get a $25 Visa debit card.

To refer someone, go to Sprint's web site and send an email to your friend(s). If your friend buys a new Sprint phone, he or she is to call #REF (#733) within 15 days or by 3/31/09, whichever comes first. Sprint will ask your friend for your Sprint number so you can get credit for the new account.

There are still more caveats so be sure to read the fine print on that web page. Unfortunately, if the Palm Pre was being sold now, Sprint probably wouldn't need this promotion. And you can bet that when the Palm Pre does launch, this promotion will be nowhere to be found.