Sprint Enters The Netbook Game With Dell Mini 10

If you're looking for a new netbook, and you don't mind paying for a mobile broadband plan to go with it (so long as it's cheaper up-front), both AT&T and Verizon have plenty of options for you to pick through. Up until now, however, Sprint has been notably absent from that group, but thanks to a new partnership with Dell, even Sprint shelves will soon house computers.

The tried-and-true Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is coming to Sprint's network, where it will sell with an integrated CDMA/EVDO module that'll get you online pretty much anywhere in America. Unfortunately, Sprint missed its opportunity to roll this out with 4G WiMAX support, which would've easily made it the most interesting subsidized netbook in existence. As it stands, the netbook is priced way too high at $199.99, as that price requires you to sign a 2-year mobile broadband agreement with data rates of $59.99 per month for 5GB of usage.

The machine is the same as it ever was, with a 10.1" LED screen, Z520 Atom processor, Windows Home XP, 160GB HDD, 1.3MP webcam, Intel's GMA 500 graphics, a 5-in-1 card reader, Bluetooth and 802.11g Wi-Fi. Still, this rig can be had for around $200 if you catch the right sale, so we'd think twice about buying in here. Now, if this supported WiMAX, we'd be all over it. Hear us, Sprint? It should be noted that this is only available in the "Bay Area" for now, though.