Sprint And AT&T See Huge Numbers With iPhone 4S Sales

It's been a good week for Dan Hesse and the folks at Sprint. While it's still unclear just how much cash the carrier laid down in order to secure their very own iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the numbers are rolling in, and they're looking great. Sprint even put out an official statement recognizing the amazing impact on sales that Apple's smartphone duo had on their network. Today, Sprint began selling the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in Sprint retail stores nationwide, and currently, they're the only iPhone carrier that allows new customers to nab one with an unlimited data plan.

Fared Adib, Sprint Product Chief, issued the following statement: "Sprint today reported its best ever day of sales in retail, web and telesales for a device family in Sprint history with the launch of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. We reached this milestone at approximately noon CT/ 1pm ET. The response to this device by current and new customers has surpassed our expectations and validates our customers' desire for a truly unlimited data pricing plan."

He plays up the data plan. But the reality is simple: Sprint could've used the iPhone years ago. There's just no two ways about it: it's hard to be a carrier in America that is clamored for if there's no iPhone to buy. Apple has made an impact, and that impact is still being felt five years after the original was introduced.

Not to be outdone, AT&T also went ahead and issued a similar statement: "As of 4:30 pm ET today, AT&T had already activated a record number of iPhones on our network – and is on-track to double our previous record for activations on a single day."

So much for the iPhone 4S being a mega letdown.
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