Spring Upgrade For iPhone To Bring A Much Better Siri And Apple Intelligence

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iPhone users who are excited to see the new and improved Siri, powered by Apple Intelligence and set to debut later this year with iOS 18, will need to wait a little bit longer to really see the digital assistant’s full suite of capabilities. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is reporting that only some features will be ready to go when iOS 18 ships in the Fall, “such as its new design and ChatGPT integration.”

The delayed features include the ability for Siri to interact with Apple’s apps, allowing users to complete tasks such as editing a photo by only interacting with Siri. Moreover, Gurman says that Siri will also “have the ability to understand what you’re looking at on your display, helping Siri determine what you want to do based on the context.”

These features are now slated to debut in Spring of next year with the iOS 18.4 update, after being rolled out in a beta to developers in January. Of course, all of this is assuming everything goes swimmingly during the beta period.

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There have been several moments throughout the years where Siri was supposedly on track to get better and deliver a usable experience. However, the digital assistant has only managed to become stagnant and even backslide instead.

Seeing Apple’s presentation at this year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference showing off the new and improved Siri made it exciting again, giving iPhones users a glimmer of hope. Although this latest report detailing the delay of some key features that might actually make it genuinely useful feels like it’s just business as usual for Siri.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly during the company’s planned developer’s beta so that users finally get the Siri they deserve, not the Siri they’ve gotten so far.