Apple Intelligence Arrives For iPhone, iPad And Mac With Bold AI Privacy Claims

apple intelligence hero
Apple took the wraps off its AI efforts with the debut of Apple Intelligence, which will be available to users across the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS that will officially release later this year. The company says its rollout of AI “understands personal context to deliver intelligence that is helpful and relevant,” while setting the new standard when it comes to delivering privacy minded AI.

Apple Intelligence is heavily integrated into Apple’s OSes. With this integration comes the ability to use a new feature called Writing Tools that help users with tasks such as proofreading, summarization, and rewrites. Furthermore, Notifications will now be streamlined with the most important showing up front and center. Even phone calls get an AI boost with the ability for transcription, recordings and summarizations.

Generative AI is also part of the package. Apple says users will be able to use Image Playgrounds to create illustrations, sketches and animations. This new feature will be available as a stand-alone app and within several other apps such as iMessage. Meanwhile, Genmoji lets users create whatever custom emoji they want with a text description or a picture of a friend or family member.

apple intelligence body

As rumored, Apple will be leaning heavily into on-device processing to deliver its AI experience. Several of the models being used are able to run directly on a user’s device, which enables an “understanding deep personal context while also protecting user privacy.” However, as good as Apple silicon is, there’s only so much that the onboard chip can do.

That’s where Apple’s Private Cloud Compute comes into play. This custom solution relies entirely on servers running Apple hardware, which sets “a foundation that allows Apple to ensure that data is never retained or exposed.” The company is even letting security professionals take a look at the code that powers the system to verify the security and privacy claims it’s making, with the hopes that will be put users at ease in letting their data leave their devices.

Apple is going in hard with AI, and it will be interesting to see how ready its userbase is for these changes. Seeing how integrated everything is makes it doubtful that users will be able to dictate just how much AI they interact with. The stats on how many users update to these new OSes will be telling.