Spring Shopping App Lets Your Browse Fashion Brands Instagram Style And Shop

Mobile is clearly the future when it comes to Web, communications, and potentially even photography. So, it makes sense to assume that shopping is going to gravitate towards mobile as well. That's where a new app from New York-based Jello Labs comes in. The company suggests that Spring (a nod to Spring Street in Manhattan) will enable each seller on its virtual storefront to have the ability to present wares in a way that suits it. No clothier is alike, so having that level of customization is vital.

The app will allow customers to buy from within it, with Spring keeping a small cut from each purchase. Importantly, Spring isn't enabling a platform for reviews or communications; it'll be the brand's decision to tailor all of that. Essentially, Spring is the new mall. While the mall owner is important, each brand within it is responsible for making their stores their own.

70 brands will launch initially with Spring, but that figure is slated to hit 450 by early next year. When you sign in to the app for the first time, you're given the chance to follow brands you appreciate, and from there, you'll be fed photos of items you may want to buy. It goes without saying that impulse buyers and those on reasonable budgets should probably steer clear, but it's certainly an interesting concept.