Spring Design Puts $399 Alex E-Reader On Pre-Order

Spring Design voiced their intentions to jump into the ebook market late last year, and even at CES we were led to believe that the Alex e-reader would ship by February. It's obviously March, and the Alex is still not in the hands of consumers. But that's the bad news; the good news is that one of the world's first dual-screen e-readers is now available to order (pre-order, really) and will be shipping next month.

Another unique thing about the Alex is the fact that it's based around Android, Google's mobile operating system. It'll cost far more than Amazon's Kindle at $399, but the addition of a color screen at the bottom may make it worthwhile for some. Another new tidbit is that the availability of the Borders eBook store won't be there until June, but you can certainly load up your own content in the meanwhile.

We really wish the second screen could be used for things like video and gaming, but who knows, maybe that will come in due time. After all, with Android at the helm, almost anything is possible.