Spread Loads of Hope and Help Those in Need

Tide and their Loads of Hope campaign have reached out to us for help.  We, in turn, are reaching out to you, our readers. 

Loads of Hope provides relief for disaster victims.  Here's the deal, it's a really short campaign.  In reality, Loads of Hope is a long-term relief effort, but this is a short, focused campaign to get as much "hope" washed over victims as we all can.  And yes, it is very short: it needs to be done before 9PM EDT.  That's not much time!

Despite that, we know (?) we can count on you, our loyal readers, to help in a good cause.  So, what we want you to do is to go to this Tide site.  And what we, or really, Loads of Hope wants you to do is buy at least one T-Shirt.

Heck, they even pay for shipping if you buy 2 or more!  And that red color is pretty snazzy. There are plenty of other colors, so don't worry if you hate red.  Heck, they even have women's shirts (pictured).

So come on, don't let us and disaster victims down.  You've got less than two hours.  Get to the Tide site and buy!  And of course, if you show up there after the deadline, Tide will be just as thrilled - we just won't get as many brownie points here at HH.  Either way, you can't go wrong really...

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