Spotify's Revamped Mobile App And Free Service Detailed In New Leak

About a week ago we talked a bit about the rumors floating around that Spotify was working on a refreshed version of its mobile app and free tier service. New details on the revamped service have turned up and according to the rumors some users are already seeing a new UI and features. Among the new features in the revamped service are options to play songs on demand in select playlists. This is one of the features normally reserved for premium subscribers.


Spotify has an event set for April 24 where the new free service is expected to be officially unveiled. The refreshed UI for the free mobile app reportedly has Gold Edition playlists that have on-demand tracks inside. Playlists that can only be played in shuffle mode have a blue shuffle icon. Free tier users could only play tracks in shuffle mode before.

Individual songs are displayed while playing and full-screen album art is now standard. Previously, the album art was only displayed with certain playlists such as RapCaviar. The search page is refreshed with boxed searches like "Workout" and "Mood" under the playlists icons.

Icons on the bottom of the app have changed with no more Browse button, that function is now part of search. The Radio button is missing, and the functionality is apparently no longer offered. Spotify is feeling pressure to grow its free and paid subscribers after going public last month, and believes that a free version with more premium features could help that growth. The company posted a $1.5 billion loss in 2017.