Spotify's Music Streaming Magic Is Coming To America

Spotify is coming to the place that seems to want it most: America. After taking Europe by storm, the music streaming application has finally slid the necessary pieces into place to launch in the United States. Reportedly, disagreements with labels kept it from becoming available in the U.S., but it looks like those kinks are ironed out at this point. According to a new page at the site, "Spotify is coming to the U.S." Doesn't get much clearer than that.

The news will certainly delight those who are currently mulling which music streaming service to pick, with iCloud, Google Music and Rhapsody (amongst others) all calling for their business. It'll put millions of tracks at the hands of Americans, ready to stream and play instantly. Of course, there will be a free version and a paid / premium version, and if you plan on streaming heavily, you'll need to invest in the monthly-fee service.

But even that's probably music to the ears of U.S. consumers who have heard the praises of Spotify being sung in Europe. A small price to pay for equality, as they say.