Spotify to Launch Web Browser Version, Pandora Doubly Screwed

Ever since Spotify launched in the U.S. last year it’s been rapidly acquiring subscribers, who have been enjoying the music streaming service on computers, mobile devices, and even A/V receivers. Spotify offers, among other features, the ability to create “radio stations”--just like Pandora.

Spotify presence in the U.S. is not good for Pandora, but the two services differed fundamentally in that the former functions as an application on a device while the latter is Web-based and accessible from a browser. Unfortunately for Pandora, Spotify is about to change that by launching a browser-based version of its own service, according to TechCrunch.


In addition to allowing users to access their Spotify accounts from any Web-connected device with a browser, the revamped Spotify will also reportedly include an increased focus on discovery, with more suggestions for artists and albums and a greater emphasis on following various individual’s playlists. There may also be a change in price plans, with the premium option dropping from $9.99 to $8 per month.

Spotify isn’t Pandora’s only problem this week, though; the service’s stock price took a nasty tumble--down 17%--on the news that Apple is considering launching its own Internet radio service.