Spotify Rumored To Be Launching This Week

Is Spotify making their U.S. debut as early as this coming week? That's the word on the street. After opening up an invite page and officially announcing that they're coming to the States after years of doing well in Europe, the company (which is based in London) will reportedly launch the music-streaming service in America "as early as the middle" of the week. That's according to "people familiar with the matter," which generally means "unnamed sources."

Apparently, the company has recently solidified deals with Universal Music Group, Sony Music and EMI Group, and while Warner Music Group is still being a holdout, they should have an agreement in place by "early next week." But, of course, that overall launch could be pushed back if Warner refuses to cooperate. The company still hasn't made entirely clear how they'll price things here, but we're guess it'll run $10/month for a premium service, with the free options still being as limiting as they've been for the past few months.

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