Spotify's Voice Controlled In-Car Music Player Rumored For Late 2019 Debut

A new rumor is going around concerning Spotify's in-car music player that features voice controls. This device was tipped in pop-up ads that some users saw in the app back in April of 2018. That pop-up invited people to pre-order the device. We never heard anything about Spotify's in-car plans after that, but this new rumor claims the device will launch this year.

spotify car

This time out the rumor also includes a price, which is quite steep. The source claims the device will be priced at around $100. That price seems high for a device that does what you can already do with your smartphone in the car. However, people with vehicles that lack satellite radio capability, and tire of connecting their smartphone each time they drive might find it appealing.

As for how the in-car device will work, word is that it connects to your car stereo via Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is required, it will rule out many older vehicles, plus Bluetooth doesn't always deliver the best of audio quality. Buttons on the device will allow you to preset them to your favorite playlists.

Important details of the device are missing for now. We have no idea if the device will simply allow you to download your playlists to internal storage of some sort, or if it will have its own LTE connectivity and stream whatever you want as your drive. The latter would make the device more appealing to many buyers, assuming it's not going to require you to pay a hefty fee for mobile connectivity. We also hope that the device would have the ability to physically connect to car stereos via an auxiliary input since that is all many drivers have available.

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