Spoiled Kids want an iPad for Christmas

Think back to when you were 6 years old waking up on Christmas morning. If you were lucky, your big ticket item was a BMX bike. Race car sets, Matchbox cars, and a new Michael Jackson album were all winning bets too. These days? Kids ages 6-12 want nothing more than to find an iPad sitting under the tree on December 25th.

According to market research firm Nielsen, Apple's magical tablet topped the list of electronic devices kids in the above age category are pining for, with 31 percent hoping to score an iPad, lack of Flash support be damned. A computer and iPod touch tied for second place, each one claiming a 29 percent interest in a future purchase, followed by a Nintendo DS/DSi/DS Lite (25 percent), PlayStation 3 (21 percent), and non-Apple branded smartphone (21 percent).

Kids at least 13 years old put a computer as the No. 1 item they hope to purchase in the next 6 months (20 percent), followed by a TV set (19 percent), non-Apple branded smartphone (19 percent), and an iPad (18 percent).

What do you hope to score this holiday shopping season?
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