Spire Kicks Off Chinese New Year with BlackDragon Power Supply Line

The Chinese New Year falls on Monday, January 23, 2012, and to get a head start, Spire today introduced its new BlackDragon line of power supplies. The new PSUs comply with the ATX Version 2.3 specification and boast an advanced circuit design with "Japanese grade A components," Spire says.

Spire's a bit vague on the specifics, but digging through the company's website, it looks like the BlackDragon is offered in 400W ($80), 500W ($96), and 600W ($140) models. These are all wired units (non-modular) housed in black powder coated enclosures with an embossed logo.

The top-end model (600W) sports two +12V rails with 22A on +12V1 and 30A on +12V2. It has a single 24-pin ATX connector, four molex plugs, a single 4+4 pin connector, four SATA connectors, and two 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors.
The BlackDragon are the new and evolved ATX power supply series aimed at the pc enthusiast en pc gamer. Equipped with selected all new high-quality components, supplying optimal power under the most demanding circumstances. New highlights of the BlackDragon series are: Version 2.3 specification compliant, advanced circuit design with better Japanese grade A components supporting the newest Intel & AMD dual core .64 & .45 process multi-core micro-processors and supporting 4-way SLI / Crossfire GPUs.

Auto-thermal fan control, maximizing the BlackDragon,s cooling performance whilst maintaining reduced sound levels. Energy sufficient, BlackDragon series power supplies are compliant with the Energy Star & Blue Angel standards. Housed in cool black powdered coated enclosures with embossed Spire logo, the BlackDragon series are backed by the award winning service program and 2 years warranty. Spire – Powered by Innovation. 

Main Features:
* ATX Ver.2.3 Specification Compliant
* Black Sleeved cables and black EZ-Connectors
* EMI Shielded VGA/HDD Power Connectors 
* Supports the newest Intel & AMD based systems
* Cool-Blue LED 120mm Auto PMW silent DC fan
* Completely silent 10.0 dBA under 250W up to 45C / 113F
* High Efficiency (86%) up to 30% less power consumption
* Compliant with ErP Lot 6 2010: 5Vsb AC input < 1W maximum draw at standby & off mode 

* I/O/OVP/OLP and SCP Short Circuit- Overload- Over Power- & current-Protection 

The BlackDragon power supply series are compatible with Intel Version 2.03 ATX, SSI EPS 12V 2.91 standards and Micro ATX standards.

€ 73,50 / $95,99 

Product Includes:
1. Multilanguage Owner Manual 2. Mounting screws 4pcs 3. Velcro cable straps 4. Power Cord (safety approved) 5. Warranty registration card

The BlackDragon power supply series are now available from Spire Europe, Brazil and China factory. For more information, please don,t hesitate to e-mail us or feel free to give our offices a phone-call.

About Spire:
Spire, Founded in 1998 in The Netherlands, is a global supplier of cooling solutions, power supplies and enclosures for the personal, gaming and networked personal computers. With manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China and branch offices in The Netherlands, Japan, and Brazil. Offering a wide range of thermal products and accessories for the computer industry.  

More info:
BlackDragon product page: http://www.spire-corp.com/main/product_pow.asp?cat=7&cat1=14
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