Speeding Up Uploads

There is a story posted at CNN's technology news page today that explains what many companies are trying to do to speed up the pace at which users can upload files. It's not just a simple matter of flickin' a switch.

"At first, most people viewed Web pages but did little to create or change them. Web journals, photo sites and video sharing didn't come until later. Even when users had a need to send information -- an e-mail here, a shopping transaction there -- the amount of data was small. High-speed Internet services that offered relatively slow speeds for sending, or uploading, data served most consumers fine. But as those consumers evolve into contributors and require better upload speeds, many of the old technical constraints remain."

My ISP (Optimium Online) offers great speeds and reliability.  As someone who regularly uploads hundreds of pictures, I have no complaints.  Then again, nothing connected to my PC can ever be "fast enough".

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