Speedrunner Beats Wolfenstein 2 In Under 80 Minutes And How To Skip Intro Scenes

There are two camps when it comes to FPS titles today, there are those who are only in it for the multiplayer action and those who only want a sweet and long single player campaign and story line because getting fragged by foul-mouthed trash-talkers online ruins the fun (or maybe that's just me). It's only been a few days now since Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus launched, but the game has no multiplayer aspects offering only a single player story mode. To that end, the game has already been beaten and beaten in quick fashion. 

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

A speedrunner called DraQ has set the first official world record for beating the game at 1:19:16 (just shy of 80 mins), including sitting through the cut-scenes which can get annoying in any video game. This is the same speedrunner who also currently holds the record for Wolfenstein: The New Order at 1:31:16. One of the tactics that DraQ used to set this record involves cutting through some of the levels by swimming through sections.

He uses armored stilts to allow him to run and jump around in the environment and skip some of the firefights. New Colossus does have a slick vaulting capability for players that makes this game faster to beat than previous entries in the franchise. The chances of this initial world record standing for long are slim. You can bet other speed runners are already searching for places where they can shave time. The video below has the full run through if you have about 80 minutes to spare.

How To Cut To The Chase, Literally

If you aren't necessarily into speed running, but you just want to shoot-up some Nazis and skip the intro scenes, there is a way to do that on PC. You need to find Wolfenstein II in the Steam library and then right click the game executable and choose Properties.

Inside that menu click "Set launch options" and when the screen pops up paste in this command (minus the quotation marks) "+com_skipBootSequence 1" -- click OK and  that will allow you to skip the intro screen and get right to dealing the pain. If you also want the Steam overlay on your game, you can enable that by entering "+r_disableSteamOverlay 0" and you do need to separate the commands with a space. Just be sure each starts with the "+". Side note: If you are on the fence about buying the game due to concerns over your system's horsepower, the minimum specifications were announced a few days back.