Spare Parts Point to Larger iPhone

The iPhone repair site iResQ has purported received fourth-generation iPhone parts. Not too much information can be gleaned from the parts, assuming they are the real deal, except that the iPhone is now 1/4 in longer.

iResQ also noted there is a reflective surface above the speaker, which they theorize is for the proximity sensor.

Some have wondered if anyone would recognize the size change in the device. We'd say, yeah!

One nice "feature" of the iPhone 3GS vs. the iPhone 3G was the lack of a change in the form factor. While some might have wanted to see a smaller device, anyone who invested in a holster, case, or whatever, didn't need to worry about buying a new one.

1/4 inch? New cases, holsters, and despite the fact that case makers would get people buying new cases, they'd also have to redesign their stuff.

Anyway, this is still all just a rumor. Until Apple unveils the new iPhone, we won't really know, will we?
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