Sources Say Barnes and Noble To Launch A New Nook Tablet In October

Barnes and Noble recently indicated that it was planning to launch at least one new Nook device in time for the holidays, with more in the pipeline, and according to The Digital Reader’s sources, that time may well be in early October.

The sources indicate that B&N is likely releasing both a tablet and an ereader. There’s little information beyond that at this point, unfortunately, but looking at the company’s current ereader and tablet lineup, it’s intriguing to consider what might pop up.

For instance, the Nook HD and HD+ got the Google Play treatment earlier this year, which increased their value and appeal and put them on more equal footing with competition such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire products. This, all while the Nooks substantially undercut the Kindle Fires on price.

That is, until recently, when Amazon slashed the price of the Kindle Fire HD down to $159. It’s also worth noting that leaks point to a refreshed Kindle Fire coming soon--perhaps (surprise!) in time for the holidays--and the new Kindle Fire HD may sport a 2560x1600 display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with an Adreno 330 GPU.

In other words, the new Nook releases better be something great, or Barnes and Noble will have gained little ground in the mobile market.