SoundBlaster X-FI Xtreme, XFX GeForce 7800 GTX, Chaintech Lives!

Yesterday, Digitimes reported that Chaintech was pulling out of the motherboard market, instead focusing on video card and memory products.  Well, this morning Chaintech would like to set the record straight.  Looks like they are not going anywhere.

Chaintech Remains in Motherboard Business!

"Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd claims today that it will continue its motherboard business. In addition, Chaintech announced its new name as Walton Chaintech Cooperation, following its 25% stake acquired by Walton Advanced Engineering, the leading IC testing and packaging house.

Chaintech denies it will fade away motherboard market to clarify the rumors wide spread recently. Most people recognize Chaintech brand as its contribution of motherboards and VGA cards. Chaintech shall not only phase-in new module business but also remain the motherboard and VGA card business unchanged.

Except the current business on motherboards, VGA cards and Set-Top box; Walton Chaintech intends to launch own-brand memory modules in the fourth quarter of this year, to expand its sales revenue and profits."

Check out the official statement here

Creative SoundBlaster X-FI Xtreme Music @ GamePC Labs:

"The X-Fi features an impressively powerful new audio processor capable of 24x the power compared to the Audigy2 ZS, allowing for real-time audio enhancement through their new 24-bit Crystalizer feature. We look at the new X-Fi hardware and software, and run some comparative tests against other high-end cards on the market now."

Modding the Xbox: Installing a Larger HDD @ TechFreaks:

"A lot of people will ask for a legitimate reason for installing a hard-drive larger than the stock 8gb one. Here's a reason, games ripped to your Xbox load faster. Booting Halo 2 through the CD takes about twenty seconds to load; booting Halo 2 from the hard-drive takes about five seconds to load. There isn't this night and day difference in all games, but there are plenty of other legitimate uses to using a larger hard-drive in a modded Xbox."

XFX GeForce 7800 GTX @ Bjorn3D:

"We are quite used to paper launches when it comes to new chips from ATI and NVIDIA. Therefore, it was a nice change when NVIDIA both announced the GeForce 7800 GTX and also had cards out using that chip at the same time."