Sony's VAIO Z: World's Slimmest Standard-Voltage 13" Notebook

Say hello to the most beautiful Windows-based laptop ever built. Or, at least that's what some would say. Sony's VAIO Z is easily one of the most stunning machines that we have seen in some time, and it's a modern-day feat of engineering, too. It's quite amazing how much Sony was able to shove into such a thin case, and there's a price premium to show for it.

The new VAIO Z is the world's lightest 13" standard-voltage PC, with a "featherweight" case that just looks gorgeous from every angle. It has a .66", 2.5lb. aluminum and carbon fiber chassis, and it uses a new Power Media Dock to deliver the power of an AMD Radeon HD 6650M GPU with 1GB of VRAM. That dock also provides an optical drive, three USB ports, HDMI and VGA outputs. Basically, this dock transforms an ultralight machine into quite the desktop replacement.

It's available in carbon black, carbon indigo, and premium carbon black, and the battery is good for up to eight hours of life. If you need even more, there's a sheet battery that'll clip to the bottom and provide up to 16 hours of life. Second generation standard voltage Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with Intel Turbo Boost with clock speeds of up to 3.40 GHz power the new Z Series, while dual-channel solid state drives with RAID technology (select models) ensure quick boots, fast application launches, and ample durable storage.

The display can sport a 1600x900 or a 1920x1080 resolution, and there's a built-in Intel Wireless Display support as well. Three capacitive touch buttons provide quick access to software, and of course, Windows 7 is loaded on. The problem? Price. It'll retail for around $2,000, and should ship in the coming months. Ouch!