Sony's S-Series Walkman Emerges; It's No iPod Killer

Sony's X-series Walkman (otherwise known as the OLED Walkman) has barely had time to make a splash in the US market, and already Sony is preparing to launch anoher music player. Based on some believable details leaked on Materiel's website (a French e-tailer), the new S-Series Walkman will arrive in 8GB (NWZ-S544) and 16GB (NWZ-S545) models, and while we doubt it'll compete with the heralded iPod touch, the built-in kickstand should make it suitable for movie watching, regardless.

The display has a 2.4" QVGA display, stereo speakers, a built-in FM tuner, a microphone, a rechargeable battery and a pretty crazy battery life figure. We're talking about 42 hours of audio playback or 6.5 hours for video. Also of note, the device looks to support a litany of file format, and the estimated $180 (8GB)/$211 (16GB) price tags don't seem all that outrageous. Of course, we've still got to wait for Sony to confirm this unit as real, but really, we're just waiting for the company to confirm a US price and release date.