Sony's Slimmer, Lighter, Longer-Lasting PS Vita Coming To America for $200

Sony has just announced a new edition of its longstanding PlayStation Vita handheld console, destined for North American shores this Spring. Bigger may oftentimes be better, but when it comes to mobile gaming, slim is most certainly in. Sony's PS Vita has done reasonably well over the years, changing design a couple of times but never name. Now, the company is bringing a slimmed-down version (which is already available elsewhere on the planet) to a new market.

It'll initially ship with Borderlands 2 for $199.99, giving U.S. gamers the chance to pick up a console that European gamers already have access to. In total, this model is around 20 percent slimmer and 15 percent lighter, arriving with 1GB of storage and battery life ranging from four to six hours. The extra life is due to the Vita's OLED screen being swapped with a more power-efficient LCD.

Only time will tell how many times the Vita can reinvent itself before Sony replaces it altogether, but the company sure has a thing for milking a product. The PS2 was on shelves for around a decade, and the Vita may attempt to match that.