Sony's PlayStation 3 Gets A 250GB Model For $50 Premium

Sony's PlayStation 3 "Slim" has only been on sale for a few months now, and while Sony has stated that sales are way, way up, we still didn't expect a 'round 2' to be available this soon. For those not content with the single "Slim" offering on the shelf (a 120GB model for $299), Sony will soon deliver a higher capacity model to US consumers for a $50 premium.

The 250GB PS3 "Slim" will feature a Blu-ray Drive, the new slim enclosure and a hard drive that's over twice as big as the 120GB model that launched originally--plenty of space to shove your media and downloaded games. Other than the new hard drive, everything else about the console will remain identical, well, except for the actual box. That's a bit unfortunate, as some international markets are seeing game bundles with their 250GB editions, though we suspect Sony may look into bundles here in America once the holiday rush is over. No need to give people more motivation than they really need, right?