Sony's N100 Network Media Player Streams Local And Network Content

At this point, there's no difficulty in finding a media player for your HDTV. You've got plenty of options, from Roku to Popcorn Hour to everywhere in between. But up until this point, Sony has managed to stay mostly out of this up and coming sector. But the company that has spent the majority of their time lately pushing 3D is finally moving forward with their own set-top box, the Netbox SMP-N100.

It's a networked media player, which means that it can pull content from local USB sources as well as network hard drives and the Internet. There isn't a Blu-ray player bundled in here, but there is support for DivX and MKV, along with a bunch of other standard file formats. The main exception is that this box isn't capable of streaming Hulu or relying on Boxee, so two of the most prominent Internet sources are nowhere to be found. That may be a deal-breaker for some, but considering that Sony is planning to release Hulu Plus to their stable of BRAVIA Internet Televisions later this year, that support may be added here in due time.

Specs include USB, 802.11n Wi-Fi, DLNA support, Ethernet, HDMI output, composite jacks and digital audio. Pricing is expected at around $130, but you may want to hold out a little bit to see if that Hulu support is ever added.