Sony's Bloggie With Wi-Fi Spotted In The FCC

What if Sony popped out a new Bloggie camcorder, with Wi-Fi? According to a drop in the FCC, that may be on deck. Pocket camcorders have shipped with Wi-Fi before, and Sony's Bloggie line has seen a great deal of success through the years, and it looks that the next one may be the barnburner that makes us forget about the death of Flip Video. The MHS-TS55, as it's called, could bring 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to the company's portable HD camcorder line, and while Sony hasn't confirmed it, the FCC's word is as good as gold, usually.

The FCC filing also points out an HDMI output, and it's expected to also have 1080p video capture, built-in USB and a "low" price point. The perfect stocking stuffer? Only if Sony gets it out in time.