Sony's Billabong Edition Netbook Packs One Stylish Lid

Years back, a notebook was a notebook. So long as it had a battery, a keyboard and a foldable LCD, it would suffice on the road. But things have changed, and consumers are caring more and more about design and style. Sony's VAIO series of laptops have always been stylish when compared to most other portable machines offered by other PC makers, but the company has never done anything quite this wild.

Sony's Australian branch has just released what's probably the most vivid VAIO ever, a limited edition Billabong VAIO W. It will ship in Australia next month for AU$749, and the highlight feature is obviously the "Imperial Lime" lid, which is aimed at surfers, tweens and anyone tired of the "typical." It also features "Billabong content, including images and video from a new TV series featuring a selection of Billabong’s key surfing athletes."

The machine itself is a netbook, with an Intel Atom N470 processor, Windows 7 Starter, 2GB of RAM, a 10.1" LED screen, 1366x768 resolution, Ethernet, USB 2.0 (x2), and a built-in webcam. It's pricey for a netbook, but who can argue with the eye-catching lid?