Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Boasts 4K HDR Display And Dual-Lens Camera System With 51200 ISO Mode

Sony unveiled the first two smartphones in the Xperia XZ2 line back in April with the announcement of the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact. A third model has now been revealed and this one aims directly at smartphone photographers out there that value camera performance. The Xperia XZ2 Premium promises ultra-high sensitivity with a dual camera system and 4K HDR movie recording capability.

xz2 pre black

The camera claims the world's highest ISO 12800 sensitivity for video recording available in a smartphone, for photos the sensitivity is 51200. Those settings enable ultra-low light image and video capture that Sony says was previously only available with interchangeable lens cameras. Sony also gives the XZ2 Premium a bright live view-finder. The high performance of the camera system is thanks to the dual sensor system in the Motion Eye Dual camera and AUBE fusion image signal processor.

xz2 pre silver

Those two features work together to capture more than the human eye can see. The camera system can record 4K HDR video and play that video back on the 4K HDR display of the smartphone. Sony also integrates artistic features with the ability to select Bokeh, making your subject stand out from a defocused background. Other artistic features include monochrome with smooth gradation between black and white.

xz2 prem cam

In addition to 4K recording, the camera system can also record 960fps super slow motion in HD or Full HD resolutions. The front camera on the XZ2 Premium is also high-end with a 13MP 1/3.06" low-light sensor and display flash for better selfies in any light. The display of the smartphone is a 5.6-inch 4K HDR unit that promises 11% more viewable area and 30% more brightness than previous Sony 4K HDR offerings.

xz2 prem desk

The audio system includes front-facing stereo speakers and a Dynamic Vibration System that lets you feel the action in your hands when watching movies. The body of the smartphone is IP65/IP68 rated and the high-end display is covered in Gorilla Glass 5. The SoC powering the show is a Snapdragon 845 with X20 LTE and 6GB of RAM. Power is via a 3540mAh internal battery that can charge wirelessly with Qi. Pricing is unannounced but the XZ2 Premium will ship this summer globally with Android 8.0 out of the box.