Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita TV Low-Cost Mini Console Streamer

Sony made several announcements about new and updated products, including confirming that the U.S. release of the PlayStation 4 is November 15th and that the mobile PlayStation Vita is getting a refreshed look, but the big news concerned a small streaming micro console called the PlayStation Vita TV.

The device has several roles in the home entertainment setup; on the one hand, it’s a streaming set-top box not unlike Roku or Apple TV, and you can watch “movies, TV shows, and video services” on it. It also serves as a lightweight gaming console, and you can actually pop in PS Vita, PSP, and PSPOne games and play them with full controllers on the big screen.

Further, it features remote play capabilities, meaning that the PS Vita TV can stream your PlayStation 4 games to another TV in the house. For example, if someone wants to watch TV in the living room, you can grab your controllers and keep a gaming session going using a bedroom TV.

PS Vita TV

The device will launch in Japan in November, and no other launch dates have yet been announced, but we do know that the PS Vita TV will cost about $100.