Sony to Enable Blu-ray PS3 - PSP Playback

Not sure how viable this idea is, but it's another check box for the PS3: plug in a Blu-ray movie and play it on your PSP via wi-fi.

Here's a hypothetical situation for you: you own a Full HD, 60in Pioneer Kuro PSP-LX608D, a kick-arse set of Ferguson Hill speakers, a PlayStation 3 and a PSP and you fancy watching a film, do you a) use your preposterously good home cinema setup to enjoy Casino Royale the way it was meant to be or do you b) sit in a huff wishing there was some way you could enjoy your Blu-ray titles on your PSP before going to bed? Well, if Sony is to be believed, option ‘b' may be more applicable than one might immediately think - bizarre no?

We suppose this could work if you wanted to say, put the Blu-ray disc into your PSP in another room and play it say on your PSP in another room?  Otherwise, we're still confused about who might really want this!

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