Sony Tears Open Xperia Z Tablet (Don't Try This at Home)

Tablet PCs don't have a reputation for being easy to service (just the opposite, in fact, though there are exceptions), and if you were to tear open an Xperia Z slate, two things are likely to happen. One, there's a decent chance you'll ruin it, a risk that increases exponentially the lower your skill level and/or experience, and number two, you'll void the warranty. These aren't concerns for Sony, which decided to gut its flagship tablet and post the process on YouTube.

"Being the gadget geeks we are, we couldn’t help ourselves and had to open it up for a peek at the insides. Check out the video below to see what makes this baby run. Spoiler alert: Lots of techie eye candy ahead," Sony stated in a blog post.

The actual teardown starts at about 74 seconds into the video and begins with removing the back cover, which is held together with adhesive sealant and double-sided tape. Underneath is a carbon fiber inner-lining.

"As you go, you'll see us remove quite a bit of tape," Sony explains in the video.

Xperia Z Teardown

Removing the battery entails removing half a dozen screws and popping a single hinge. Sony says the battery weighs 133g and is made of three separate batteries connected together. It's incredibly thin, as it had to be, as Sony's pitching the Xperia Z as the world's thinnest tablet.